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  • Windows editor
  • Unlimited offline scenes
  • Embed on web sites
  • Hide Shapespark logo
  • Custom branding
  • Host on own server
  • 1 year free scenes hosting, video meetings*, software updates and support ($395 renewal)

*The hosting includes slots for 25 scenes with unlimited scene size & transfer. 10 additional slots can be purchased for $9/month.
Video meetings allow 10 participants per meeting and include 10,000 participant minutes to be used within one year.
Prices do not include sales tax for applicable countries.

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Pricing FAQ

What payment methods are supported?

Credit card, PayPal or wire transfer.

What is Paddle?

Paddle is a reseller that handles payments and invoicing for Shapespark.

What does the one year of free updates mean?

For one year after purchasing the Shapespark perpetual license you will receive automatic updates that contain new functionality and improvements.

What happens after the one year?

You can either extend the automatic Shapespark updates for another year for half of the application price, or continue using the software as is, without further updates.

What kind of support is provided?

You can ask questions and report problems via the application's integrated problem report form, on the Shapespark forum, or by email:

Are deleted scenes or scenes on my local computer counted against my hosting slots limit?

No, only active scenes that are uploaded to your account are counted.

Can I host scenes on my own server?

Yes, the Plus monthly plan and the perpetual license allow to host scenes on own server.

What are video meetings and the participant minutes?

You can create links to interactive video meetings within your 3D scenes. One participant minute represents one person being in a meeting for one minute. For example, a meeting with 3 participants that lasts 30 minutes consumes 90 participant minutes.

What happens when I've used all the participant minutes included in the license?

You can purchase additional participant minutes for US$0.015 each. Participant minutes are renewed each year if you pay to renew Shapespark software updates.

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