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Create office space 3D virtual tours, walkthroughs, and floorplans. Share via a link or embed on websites.

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Software for presenting office designs and layouts in an engaging and understandable way

Present office spaces for sale or lease, showcase office interior design projects, or show your office furniture models in realistic spaces before construction has even commenced. With a virtual 3D tour, your customers can explore and walk freely around an office space anytime and anywhere.


Modern office interior design online walkthrough

Virtual online office space tours from 3D models

Your customers and partners can walk freely around an office space and zoom in on areas of interest.

Offer a realistic sense of space, light, textures, and detail.

Office space 3D walkthrough

For existing and off-plan developments

Prospective tenants can see, feel, and understand how a space will look like even before it is built.

Use interactive 3D floor plans to explain better how corridors, rooms, and other spaces and floors are connected.

Office furniture design virtual showroom

Present your office furniture in realistic spaces

Show customers how your office furniture will look in real-life spaces.

Create a virtual showroom for your furniture or recreate your customer's spaces.

Material picker in an online walkthrough

Online material configurator and product hotspots

Give your customers the freedom to customize their future space and furniture with the online material and color configurator.

Add product hotspots, videos, and hyperlinks from within the 3D walkthrough.

Top view online walkthrough

View from all angles

Top and orbit views give a chance to go very quickly from analyzing even the smallest design details to examining the office space layout. They provide that all important sense of scale.

To enhance the visitor’s experience you can add clickable office room names and make the camera move to a selected office room.

Office fitout virtual tour

Verify the efficiencies of your design

Unlike 360° images, with Shapespark walkthroughs you can walk wherever you want and discover every corner of the space.

This makes it easy to discover and eliminate any inefficiencies to ensure your office is using the space in an optimal way.

Present test fits to your customers/stakeholders.

Virtual office spaces in a browser

Share via a link and embed on websites

Your customers don't have to download any program or application to view the walkthrough. It works seamlessly when the play button is clicked.

Interactive walkthroughs created in Shapespark work in every web browser and on every modern mobile device.

You can also embed walkthroughs on your website.

Modern office space interactive online walkthrough

Custom branding and more

Add a custom logo, company, project name, and a link to your website.

Use your own custom domain or even host the tour on your own server.

Virtual reality 3d tour

Presentations in Virtual Reality

All walkthroughs created in Shapespark also work in Virtual Reality mode. All you need to do is put your VR headset on, open the scene, and select VR mode.

Invite your customers to the virtual world, where they can view future properties at real-world scale.

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