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Create 3D interactive architectural walkthroughs & virtual tours; share them via a link

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A better way to present designs for architects, interior designers and visualization artists

Communicate your designs to stakeholders with interactive 3D archviz presentations and eliminate any misunderstandings. Let your customers and partners discover future spaces from any angle on any device via a URL.


Shapespark 3D tour from 3D model

Interactive online walkthroughs from 3D models

Your customers and partners can walk around and inside buildings, looking around at areas of interest as if they were actually there.

With a virtual walkthrough, your presentation is not limited to one camera angle, as with a static 3D visualization. Your customers can freely discover the whole space.

Modern kitchen Shapespark online tour

High-quality real-time rendering

Offer a realistic sense of space, light, textures and detail with high-quality real-time renderings.

Physically accurate lighting is pre-computed and stored, so your client doesn't need a powerful computer to view your work.

Material configurator in Shapespark online walkthrough

Guided tours, hot spots and online configurator

Include a few design options in one single presentation, allowing your customers to customize the project with online material and a color configurator.

Showcase additional information, photos, videos; add hyperlinks and audio – all from within the 3D virtual tour.

Add defined views and a guided tour of the model that either plays automatically or when requested.

Floor plan 3D walkthrough

View from all angles

Top and orbit views give buyers a chance to go very quickly from analyzing even the smallest design details to examining the apartment or property layout. They provide that all important sense of scale.

To enhance the visitor’s experience you can add clickable room names and make the camera move to a selected room.

Online walkthrough rendering workflow

Works within your current workflow

The Shapespark workflow is similar to other rendering engines, so you won't feel lost.

Works with SketchUp, Revit, 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 3d, Modo, Blender and more!

Yacht interior 3D tour

Communicate your vision, collect design feedback

An interactive online walkthrough is the easiest way for your customers to finally understand your design.

Eliminate costly project changes by inviting your partners and customers to future spaces in a virtual world.

Add annotations to the model to highlight important information.

Shapespark 3D tour in a browser

Share easily via a URL & embed on your website

Your customers don't have to download any software to view the walkthrough. It will work seamlessly on every web browser when the link is clicked.

The link can also be opened on mobile devices and viewed on the go.

Embed a 3D virtual tour on your website and share a link to it on social media to attract new customers.

Viewing Shapespark online walkthrough in a VR headset

Explore your design in Virtual Reality

All walkthroughs created in Shapespark also work in Virtual Reality mode. All you need to do is put your VR headset on, open the scene, and select VR mode.

Invite your customers to immerse themselves in the virtual world, and let them see future spaces at real-world scale.

Black lamp real-time rendering

Show the finest details of your design

Unlike 360° images, Shapespark walkthroughs allow users to walk wherever they want, explore every corner of the space, and zoom in to see every detail.

Apart from an online walkthrough, you can also take unlimited high-resolution static renderings and panoramic images from any place in the property – all in a matter of seconds!

Tenement window Shapespark online tour

Custom background option

Make your renderings more realistic with a custom background option. Place your walkthrough within a real-life environment by uploading a photo of the surrounding area.

Custom branded 3D tour

Add your personal or company branding

Add a custom logo, company, project name, and a link to your website.

Use your own custom domain or even host the tour on your own server.

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