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Turn designs into immersive spaces that your clients can visit online.

no plugins required

Shapespark is a desktop application that integrates with existing modeling tools and enables you to create real-time web-based visualizations with physically accurate lighting. Shapespark visualizations can be shared via links or embedded on sales and portfolio pages.

Visit an interior before it's built

Static renders limit the viewer to a few selected view points, which makes it difficult to fully imagine a space and evaluate its functionality and atmosphere. With Shapespark you can overcome these limitations by allowing the viewer to enter a space and freely walk around to examine every detail.

A sketch of an interior

Explore on the Web

To present the 3D content Shapespark uses WebGL, an open web technology that is supported by default by modern browsers and operating systems. Everyone can explore your visualizations directly in the browser, no plugins are required.

A browser window with a visualization

Work locally and upload results

Shapespark runs on your computer, you can always instantly open and edit scenes even when your Internet connection is slow or down. When your scene is ready to be published just press the upload button.

A cloud

3D modeling software integration

There's no need to change your familiar workflow, Shapespark works with existing modeling tools and uses traditional rendering concepts such as materials and light sources. Shapespark comes with a SketchUp extension for exporting models. 3ds Max models can be imported via the COLLADA format. Other tools are not yet officially supported, but models from them can often be imported via the COLLADA, OBJ or FBX formats.

Sketchup connected with Shapespark

Physically accurate lighting

Accurate lighting is the key ingredient in making a virtual scene feel real. Shapespark uses global illumination techniques which simulate the behavior of light in the real world for all types of light sources, be they sun, sky or lamps. These are the same techniques that rendering engines use to generate photo-realistic images.

The sun shining on an object and casting shadow

WebVR ready

With a virtual reality headset you are no longer limited to a flat screen. You can enter the real, stereoscopic 3D world and be immersed in the designed space. By the end of 2016, Chrome and Firefox browsers plan to support the WebVR standard that will allow to view Shapespark visualizations on VR devices.

Oculus Rift virtual reality head-mounted display

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Order a virtual tour

You can order a visualization from the early users of Shapespark:

Na Niby Studio
3D Vue
Formiko Design

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